Parts Book Marketplace

The convenience and diversity that is brought to our fingertips each time we shop online is revolutionary and only continues to advance at an astonishing rate. Once perceived as strictly a personal shopping platform, the migration of e-commerce into industrial sectors has brought with it phenomenal time and cost savings, greater accessibility to ground-breaking products and services & heightened customer satisfaction.

In association with our online business team, Parts Book has commenced the development of a unique e-commerce platform that integrates a vast number of suppliers, products and utilities into one easy to use web service that will be named Parts Book Marketplace.

The Marketplace will comprise of quality products issued by only our prequalified Supply Partners across a multitude of industries in addition to online-based tendering services, resources, storefronts, estimating services and much more.

The service also offers great benefits for Marketplace Suppliers who upon meeting our qualification criteria will gain extensive product exposure to a diverse and largely untapped demographic.

We believe our service will be instrumental in delivering cost savings, heightened efficiency and greater productivity to businesses existing within a diversity of market sectors. For more information about becoming a customer of Parts Books Marketplace or to register as a Supply Partner, please contact us.