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Parts Books integration of residential, industrial and commercial communications solutions provides customers with a diverse selection of products for the expansion of FTTP/FTTB optical fibre networks in addition to “everyday” maintenance and modernization initiatives. Our communications range is centred around providing innovative products that are highly cost effective and guaranteed to provide a long lasting solution in a rapidly shifting market.

  • Distribution Cabinets
  • Radio Ripple
  • Distribution Systems

Distribution Cabinets

Parts Books’ indoor and outdoor cabinet ranges are designed to meet the expectations of the Australian market with regards to environmental and technical specifications elements. Our cabinets are available in a variety of materials and sizes in addition to a modular system that guarantees a perfect fit and can even adapt to growing infrastructure requirements without the need for replacements.


  • Composite Cabinets
  • Fiber Cassette Modules
  • Modular Cabinets
  • Splicing Sleeves
  • Steel Cabinets
  • Cabinet Cabinet
  • Cassettes Cassettes
  • Fibre Cabinet Fibre Cabinet
  • Small Cabinet Small Cabinet
  • Splicing Sleeve Splicing Sleeve

Radio Ripple

Parts Books range of Radio Ripple systems offer quality power management solutions designed with longevity and efficiency in mind. Our RRCV range enables customers to quickly and easily control tariff switching, lighting control and many other switching tasks directly from a centralized system. A multitude of security measures guarantees the functionality of the system even under unfavorable conditions. The central and transmission systems are designed to guarantee maximum availability. Lightning protection, a UPS system and a diesel motor guarantee secure operation even in the event of mains power failure. Should the signals from the transmitter ever fail to arrive, the receiver can have resort to the individual basic program stored in the program memory (time switch functionality).


  • Receivers
  • Signal Switches
  • Radio Ripple Reciver
  • Radio Ripple
  • Terminals

Distribution Systems

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  • Fibre Splice Sleeves