About us

Our market has never been more exciting, fast paced and rapidly expanding than it is today. The responsibility on suppliers to innovate and evolve with this climate continues to grow as a critical element in the success we enjoy today. Parts Book is dedicated to equipping our clients with simple and efficient procurement services through our forward thinking approach and multi-tiered structure, providing our clients with tools required to grow and excel within their respectful industry sectors. Parts Book offers an extensive range of quality products, application design facilities and our powerful Online Marketplace. Backed with years of industry experience, Parts Books’ polite, knowledgeable staff & supply partners offer premium customer service from initial design stages, through to post installation care.

Parts Book Marketplace

The convenience and diversity that is brought to our fingertips each time we shop online is revolutionary and only continues to advance at an astonishing rate. Once perceived as strictly a personal shopping platform, the evolution of e-commerce into industrial markets has brought us phenomenal time and cost savings, greater accessibility to diverse products and services, heightened service standards and much more.

Parts Book Marketplace is an online procurement hub that connects our clients with quality manufacturers and suppliers locally, nationally and internationally. By identifying the existing requirement for an all-inclusive facilitator across sectors such as mining, industrial and commercial, Parts Book has eliminated the time consuming and tedious undertakings that buyers repeatedly endure i.e. sourcing, identifying, ever growing vendor lists, bulk logistic tracking etc. With features such as online tendering, engineering services, 24/7 estimating utilities, live order tracking, powerful yet simple search & compare tools (and a sneaky coffee room) partsbook.com.au brings our clients a new and improved way of procuring, designing, estimating & managing all projects big and small all with just one account.

Parts Book Essentials™

Parts Book Essentials™ is a comprehensive product range offering high quality & affordable goods to consumers existing within a vast number of industry sectors. With a capacity to cater to projects such as small domestic constructions through to large-scale mining operations, Parts Book Essentials makes for a simple and efficient way of procuring goods no matter what the project scale.

Parts Books’ Distribution Warehouse stocks the full Essentials range locally to ensure quick and efficient lead times for delivery when you need it. By partnering closely with our suppliers and manufacturers Parts Book offers premium technical support, design services & competitive rates across our entire Essentials Range.

Parts Books’ Trademark Ranges

Parts Books Trademark Ranges are individually selected by our Business Development team to carry the Parts Book brand. Recognized for outstanding engineering, superior quality and remarkable innovation, products wearing our name are judiciously chosen with no substitutes considered. As a prerequisite, all products must first meet stringent qualification criteria’s that are designed and executed by Parts Book to ensure our high standards of quality control are upheld.

Parts Book understands that a good product needs premium and highly knowledgeable support services to become great, it is for this reason that Parts Book invest in training, engineering, ample stock, on-site aid and product development services across each of our trademark ranges. With a global supplier reach and passion for innovation, Parts Book scours the globe for products that we believe will add value and sustainability to Australian infrastructure and beyond.

Parts Books’ Tenders

Parts Book Tenders, an online-based utility, offers a platform for clients to submit project bundles and/or specialty items into a comprehensive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Parts Books handpicked Supply Partners are immediately alerted to Tender Requests that are submitted containing items pertaining to their respectful field(s) and respond with competitive quotations and relevant specification. Unlike traditional procurement methods, clients of Parts Book Tenders service are offered multiple product options and rates from preapproved supply partners all with just a single quote request, reducing the cost and time spend usually spent “calling around”.