Essential Range


Parts Books Electrical Range continues to develop and expand through the collaboration of our Business Development team and our most trusted national & international manufactures. The range encompasses a vast scope of products applicable to a variety of primary industry fields with a strict focus on quality products at competitive prices. By working closely with our customers to identify their specific requirements Parts Book consistently supply the most cost effective and sustainable solutions each and every time.

  • Automation & Control
  • Cable Hauling
  • Cable Tools
  • Electrical Accessories
  • E-Mobility

Automation & Control

Parts Books Automation & Control range delivers innovative yet surprisingly affordable solutions applicable to applications ranging from Distribution Warehouses to Concrete Batching Plants. Our team of in-house engineers can assist you in identifying requirements and delivering a system that will promote a more efficient & sustainable workplace.


  • Density Measurement
  • Float Switches
  • Flow Meter
  • Process Control Panels
  • Robotic Packaging
  • Safety Automation
  • Scaling
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Weigh Feeders
  • Density Management
  • Float Switch
  • Flow Meter
  • Proccess Control Panel
  • Robotic Packaging

Cable Hauling

Parts Book stock a diverse range of cable hauling equipment to complement our ever-growing range of innovative electrical systems. Our cable hauling range includes a large variety of pulling machinery ranging from 8kW-80kW with options such as electric or petrol driven, trailer or self-mounted, varying drum capacities and much more. We also offer a number of hauling accessories including rod coils, mandrels, sheaves, blower kits, roller guides, pulling rope, above ground accessories & much more.


  • Blower Kits
  • Cable Drum
  • Cable Pushers
  • Conduit Cleaning
  • Dynamometers
  • Hook Sheaves
  • Line Swivels
  • Pulling Eyes
  • Pulling Winches
  • Reel Stands
  • Sock Grips
  • Trench Rollers
  • Cable Hauling Winch
  • Cable Roller
  • Cable Socks
  • Hook Sheaves
  • Rodder

Cable Tools

Parts Books’ Cable tools range encompasses crimping, cutting & preparation equipment as well as specialized tools for more intricate needs. Our range is high quality, affordable and ready for dispatch when you need it. Call us today to learn more on this range or one of our many other electrical ranges.

  • Cable Bending
  • Cable Cutting
  • Cable Preparation
  • Cable Tool Kits
  • Cable Trays
  • Clamps and Joints
  • Electrical & Manual Crimping
  • Phase Separators
  • Test Sets
  • Cable Cutters
  • Cable Pulling Eyes
  • Cable Tool Kit
  • Conduit Rope Blower
  • Insulation Remover

Electrical Accessories

Parts Book offers a broad range of Electrical accessories for a vast number of applications. Our products have stood the test of time and hold relevant certification giving you the confidence that comes with a tried and tested range. Equipment ranges from Underground/ Aboveground cable hauling, Cable kits, Hydraulic Tooling, Testing equipment, pipe benders, hand tools and much more.


  • Call for more information
  • Portable-Power


Electromobility is quickly surfacing as the new, eco & cost friendly way of powering the automotive industry. Parts Book has developed a specialized range of E-mobility products to compliment a rapidly maturing market. We develop custom-made concepts suited to the demands of urban infrastructure. Existing infrastructures such as street lamps or power distribution systems are utilized in the design to keep costs down & preserve streetscapes


  • Electronic release options
  • Entry Ducts
  • Existing transition devices
  • Personal Charging Stations
  • Protection systems
  • Public Charging Stations
  • Tariff Switching
  • Home Charge Point
  • Public Charge Points


Lighting is a basic necessity for many industry sectors ranging from night works, underground works, restricted spaces, security and plenty more. Parts Book supplies lighting solutions that range from powerful light towers for night road works to headlamps for underground mining. We strive to supply our clients with the latest in lighting technology at competitive prices, while also adding value in areas such as improved site efficiency through means of product longevity and overall performance. Contact us today for more information on our lighting range.


  • Flood Lighting
  • LED utilities
  • Lighting towers
  • Personal Lighting
  • Rail lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Lighting tower
  • Personal Lighting
  • Street Lighting

Tapes & Markers

Parts Book supplies a range of warning tapes, markers and signs. Our range integrates traditional tape roll methods with modern electrical location systems. The range caters to a number of industry’s including electrical, communications, fibre and gas and is comprised of below and above ground systems.


  • Beacon Pods
  • Cable Location
  • Detection Tape
  • Signs
  • Tape Rolls
  • Beacon pods
  • Detectable Fibreoptic Tape
  • Electrical Cable Below Tape
  • Gas Line Tape
  • Utility Marker Posts


Rising energy costs and an increased demand on businesses to comply with energy saving initiatives presents major challenges to our industry, particularly those utilizing heavy mechanical equipment. Parts Book supply a highly diverse and innovative range of Variable Speed Drives which save on energy costs and emissions, while also increasing the safety and longevity of services vital to a multitude of industries.


  • Custom VSD enclosures
  • Rexroth VSDs
  • Transtecno VSDs
  • Custom Built VSDs
  • Rexroth 3600 VSD
  • Rexroth VSD Range
  • Transtecno VSD Range