Essential Range

Materials Handling

Parts Books’ Materials Handing division is grounded firmly on years of industry specific knowledge & a dynamic product range. Parts Book offers market-leading materials handling products in addition to full project management services, design, commissioning and maintenance service. With a supply network that caters to requirements as complex as overland conveyor assemblies or as simple as individual maintenance componentry for dust collectors, Parts Book is your all-in-one materials handling supplier.

  • Actuators
  • Dust Control
  • Metering & Feeding
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Vibrators


Parts Book’s range of actuators provides manual, electro mechanical, electro pneumatic and pneumatic motion. Each piece of equipment can be provided with signal feedback for control purposes. Cost affectivity, innovation and reliability are the key fundamentals under which this range was established.


  • Electrical Actuators
  • Gear Motors
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Manual Hand wheel
  • Mechanical Actuators
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Electrical Actuator
  • Electro Pneumatic Actuators-
  • Geared Actuators
  • Manual Handwheel Actuators
  • Rail Actuators

Conveyor Assemblies

Teaming with partnering engineers, Parts Book hold many years of experience in the design and supply of complete conveyor assembly solutions, servicing the requirements of our clients who are based within a multitude of industries including Mining, Industrial, Concrete, Agricultural, Food Processing and Recycling. Parts Book utilize engineering support, a vast product range and a purpose built field service team in order to achieve an all in one service including: complete design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of conveyor assemblies.


  • Full Conveyor Assemblies
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Rollers
  • Impact mats
  • Fasteners & Joiners
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Frame Fabrication
  • Service/ Commissioning
  • Conveyor Assemblys
  • Conveyor Belting
  • Conveyor Frame
  • Impact Rollers

Dust Management

Parts Book supplies a range of diverse & advanced dust collector system. Because each individual site has distinct requirements, we provide a tailored economic solution to dust collection services. Coupled to application based shrouding and ducting, Parts Book can prepare a cost effective installation, which will perform with minimum power consumption and running costs for many years to come.


  • Bin activators
  • Dry-Batch Dust filters
  • Dust Collectors
  • Hopper Jets
  • Silo-top Systems
  • VHS
  • Bin Activators
  • Dry-Batch Dust Collector
  • Dust Collectors
  • Filter Media
  • Silo top dust collector

Metering & Feeding

Many industrial processes require an accurate, consistent flow of a particular product from a given vessel. As with all materials handling applications, the selection of the most appropriate equipment directly effects: product discharge, degree of accuracy and overall performance\ longevity. At Parts Book there are a number of equipment options that make use of volumetric, weigh scale or loss in weight principles. As with all Parts Book ranges, our aim is to help our clients attain the best products at the best price.


  • Loss in weight feeders
  • Micro Batch feeders
  • Batch feeder w/ Agitator
  • Weigh-Belt Feeder
  • Loss in weight feeder
  • Micro-batch feeder
  • Screen Feeder combo
  • Weigh Feeder


Parts Book supplies a market leading range of mixing and blending products. Creating a homogenous mix of differing products can be viewed in two distinct areas: 1.) Batch type or 2.) Continuous type. Our supply encompasses: plough share mixers, ribbon blenders, single and twin paddle mixers, cone mixers etc. The introduction of polymers to our equipment, has enabled us to produce cement and mortar mixers which do not clog up, and dust control agglomerates to eliminate dust issues during transfer or to aid in the return of waste product to the main product flow.


  • Clay Dust Conditioners
  • Cement and Mortar Mixers
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Plough Share Mixers
  • Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers
  • Design Services
  • Mortar mixer
  • Ploughshare Mixers
  • Ribbon Mixers
  • Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers


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  • Pnumatic Valve