APEX Access Chambers

APEX Access Chambers

APEX POWER BOX is a range of modular manhole solutions offering new heights of innovation to underground asset markets. Constructed from a unique compounding method which incorporates granulated polycarbonate and structural foam; our chambers are robust, low in weight and highly resilient. APEX Powerbox is subject to stringent load testing surveys in alignment with relevant structural standards, this enables Parts Book to supply safe and reliable solutions to our clients with the confidence that comes from a tried and tested product range.

Low Weight

  • Logistical Savings
  • Fast & Safe Installation
  • Manual Handling
  • Simple Maintenance


  • Efficient Lead times
  • Layer by Layer Construction
  • Height Versatility
  • Various Layer options

Structural Stability

  • Heavy Duty Load Tested
  • Optimum Bedding Exterior
  • Structural Steel Wall beams
  • Anti-Fracture Agents


  • Highly Resilient Material
  • Self Extinguishing
  • Recyclable Several times over
  • Not Harmful to environment


Application Vercitility

Site-specific compositions

Fibre Optic Utilities

Access Cover Security

Cable Management

Structural Reinforcement

Application Examples

New Application – 1200x1200x1200 HV Chambers

Delivery & Handling

  • Highly cost effective transport – 60 1200x1200x1200 Pits per Trailer
  • Fast & simple unloading of goods, No heavy lifting machinery required

Chamber Installation

  • Safe and fast; layer by layer, tool free installation
  • Concrete backfill not required, greatly reducing installation time & cost

Adaption of Services

  • Pre defined knockout points with service seals, no sawing necessary
  • Rapid feed in of services through the APEX open frame system

Completed Installation

  • Construction of 1200L x 1200W x 1200D Chamber takes only 20 minutes
  • Completed Chamber is ready for traffic, no setting times necessary.

Broken Chamber layer Replacement


  • Broken Chamber layers are removed without the need to cut services
  • Services are prepared for replacement layers

Placement & Installation

  • APEX Open frames are placed OVER existing services, no cutting strapping or foam sealing required
  • APEX Closing plates are adapted for perfect fitting

Completed Installation

  • Chamber is repaired without the need for demolition of existing chamber saving greatly on costs
  • Completed Chamber is ready for traffic, no setting times necessary.