Essential Range


A safe and secure workplace environment is crucial in safeguarding the wellbeing of both staff and the general public alike. Parts Book supplies various ranges of OHS related products, each relevant to their own respectful trades. In addition to our standard ranges Parts Book also supply more advanced equipment such as body harnesses and respiratory aids. Contact us today for more information.

  • Dangerous Goods
  • PPE
  • General Hardware
  • Signage & Tape
  • Shower & Wash down units

Dangerous Goods

Parts Books’ Dangerous Goods systems are aimed at 1.) Preventing a spill occurrence & 2.) Controlling the damage in the event of a spill. These systems are flexible and designed to suit specific site requirements for distinct environmental elements and individual chemical factors.

  • Corrosive Goods Cabinet
  • Flammable Goods Cabinet


Parts Books range of PPE products spans throughout disposable safety-wear, masks and gloves right the way through to comprehensive workplace safety packages. Parts Book understands each workplace/worksite is unique, that’s why we carry a broad range of products that are designed to suit a host of different environments. Contact us for more information on our PPE range of products

  • Ear Protection
  • Fire Retardant Clothing
  • First Aid
  • Head Protection
  • Hi-Vis Vest

Signage & Tape

Workplace signage & tape is implemented to aid in the reduction of accidents in the work place while promoting OHS principles & general safety instruction. Parts Book supply various sign/tape types, sizes and materials while also offering custom make services for specialty sign and tape requirements.

  • Electrical Cable Below Tape
  • Gas Line Tape
  • Signage

Shower & Wash down units

Parts Books Range of Wash Down Units offer vital treatment facilities for emergencies where dangerous chemicals have come into contact with a person. The range encompasses several different system types specific to environments, applications and hazards. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Emergency Showers
  • Eye wash station